Nature Photography by Evangeline Mackell
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Let your mind travel to the 4th dimension...Where Light and Motion meet in the vast darkness that surrounds. These exciting new photographic creations called "Elightrix", are more then just a series of digital photography done in complete darkness. The possibilities are endless when different lights are used and erratic motions and movement is incorporated to create these modern wonders. Streams of light and color burst out of pure black space and allow your imagination to soar.

Elightrix have been a passionate series of photography for Evangeline Mackell. Each light effect is completely unique taking extra into consideration that no one particular shot could ever be re-produced exactly the same. No where in the world could you find the unique patterns that are created when combining beams of light with spontaneous and some time calculated movements. All shots are completely unedited and have not been manipulated on a computer, but rather use the digital camera's settings to create the stunning effects.

Another Apple Bites the Rust - Photography by Evangeline Mackell

Urban Exploration - Digital Photography by Evangeline
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