Nature Photography by Evangeline Mackell
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Evangeline Mackell, born 1983 in Calgary Alberta, but very soon moved to Ontario where she would spend most of her life growing up in the small town of Brantford, Ontario. An aspiring artist was present in Evangeline with everything she attempted as a young child. Through drawing, coloring, music, and theater, she started to find herself as an artist, but one particular form of art stood out drastically from all the rest - her love for taking pictures.

Evangeline never let the opportunity slide to capture that moment in time so she could go back later on and reminisce over the memories that were captured. Throughout her teenage and early adolescent years as she attended George Brown College in Toronto for Graphic Design and Print Production, she gathered a collection of over 5000 images.

An entire decade of adventured and experiences frozen in time forever. This is what sparked the desire to start seriously taking pictures not only for the stock photography collection she would need for her graphics career, but to simply fulfill her life-long dream to travel the world taking pictures. The image bank continues to grow now reaching over 80,000 images.

Nature and the environment is a large focus throughout her photography, but living in the city can sometimes be a limitation to the scenes of nature you can find. What is so wonderful, is that when you become inspired - beauty, art, form, design, and shape throughout the landscape and architecture of a city become exciting new elements of focus. With an abstract eye for composition, Evangeline sheds a new light on perspective and rustic detail in modern city structures and urban findings.

The true passion of Evangeline's art lies in the in the simple craving to capture moments in time that may never be seen again. Our ever changing environment is constantly shaping the world we live in. Nature, people, the tools we use, the buildings we live in, and the designs we constantly innovate are truly intriguing mediums to capture.

Urban Exploration - Digital Photography by Evangeline
Artist Evangeline Mackell
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Artist Evangeline Mackell
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Artist Evangeline Mackell - Shooting in Thailand
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